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    Yup. Sounds about right.

    (Via. http://on.cc.com/1o5ckce )

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    To the Ends of the Earth(2005)-E1

    He’s listening to a couple having sex here :D

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  6. I was sometimes quite alarmed by friends of mine at school who didn’t have sisters, the way they talked about girls, the way they treated them… I was like ‘Guys, they’re not aliens, they’re human beings.’
    Tom Hiddleston (Elle UK)
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  8. "In my own mind, I’ve unpacked his suitcase of pain. And so, I can easily stand up and defend him even though many of his actions are indefensible." 
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    This was like watching Time Lord Daycare. Tenny your five year old self was showing during this. lol

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  10. Hiddleston talking about Loki’s fighting style and making it look sexy adorable. [x]

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